Nature's All Natural Sweetener

It's our love of honey that Queen Honey bloomed from. Our top priority is to share our love of All Natural Honey and all its’ health benefits, diet advantages and as a recipe ingredient that sweetens our daily lives. 

Our Story

Honey has been a part of our family roots for centuries. It all started on the farms in Norway in the mountains and along the coastlines of the fjords, where honey was accessible, plentiful even during the cold seasons.

It has always been a part of our everyday use from sweetening our coffees and teas, to recipes and even treating wounds and burns. We encourage everyone to try it when cooking as a substitute for sugar or even the next time you accidentally burn your wrist on a hot pan.

Along with our family history, a very specific incident at a nice restaurant is what bloomed Queen Honey into what it is today. While dining with friends I ordered coffee and asked for honey to sweeten it. Unfortunately, like so many other places they came out with the little bear, that is not only honey but also filled with additives, and taste more like sugar than honey. From that day it was important to me to be able to provide honey that is All Natural and doesn’t have all the additives. All of Queen Honey’s honey is traceable back to the fields our bees pollinate; our quality control is second to none. Similar to our family farms in Norway, the quality, purity, and goodness of our honey always rain true.


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